Hunting Info

Big Buck PictureAcorn Outfitters, LLC accepts the number of hunters that our spotlight & aerial count states that we can safely harvest each year.

Current deer populations are excellent with prime buck to doe and deer per acre ratios. Success rations reflect many variables, but be assured ours is excellent on 8-12 point bucks in the 16-20 inch spread class. All our hunts are strictly “Fair Chase.” The quality of our hunts is reflected by the fact that more than 90% of our hunts are repeat clients with as many coming for 20 years.

Our guides are honest, dependable and have guided on these ranches for 10-20 years. Whether you are a trophy hunter or a hunter who simply likes to see lots of wildlife will be impressed with their professionalism. Acorn Outfitters, LLC is totally committed to providing you with an outstanding outdoors experience, a warm and courteous atmosphere and qualty service.


Black BuckVehicles are used extensively on the safari-style hunts, giving the client a chance to look at several good bucks per day. Hunting areas are exclusive to you and your guide, giving you the best possible chance at a trophy buck. For those who wish to hunt with a partner, this is an enjoyable style of hunting providing plenty of good companionship.


New Blind PictureBlind or stand hunts are available for those who prefer the challenge and solitude of waiting for the prime game movement times. Chances at true trophy deer are comparable.

Spring turkey season for Gobblers usually begins in late March and ends in early May. The earlier part of the season is preferred. Hunters call their own birds and hunt with shotguns.

Along with whitetails and turkeys, our hunters have seen and had opportunities to harvest bobcats and coyotes. Exotic game such as Black Buck, Aoudad, Axis and many other species are also available.