Dear Dolan Creek Hunter:

It is with a great deal of excitement that I have the opportunity to write to you again this year. My last correspondence was not a message I wanted to write you about.

It is with a great enthusiasm that I write this letter. It is not as I had originally hoped for but at last it is coming to pass. “Acorn Outfitters LLC” has come of age and is anxiously awaiting you for their upcoming whitetail season. This is the Herbst family that we have hunted for the last 18 years of Dolan Creek’s 30 years of operation. As many of you know and as I expressed many times it was my desire for the Herbst family to continue our operation when I decided to retire from the outfitting business. Now two years later it has come to pass. “Acorn Outfitters LLC” is the Herbst Family. It will be operated as we operated with careful consideration of all aspects for you to have a successful, safe, and enjoyable outdoor experience. I have been assured, that the little things that contributed so much toward making our success in the outfitting business, will be continued.

Many of the same guides we had will continue working for them, the office will be at the Ramada Inn and will be open for your convenience and fellowship. The same Wildlife Biologist will be overseeing all spot light counts, harvest records, and making harvest recommendations. All of these items are essential in maintaining the same quality operation that you all enjoyed while hunting with Dolan Creek.

I was raised across the street from Mr. Herbst and his family, I had 18 wonderful years of hunting on their ranch with our operation. I have known them all of my life. So without any qualms I heartily recommend that you will enjoy a good hunt with “Acorn Outfitters”, so get busy and get your group together and contact them for reservations.

Good Luck and Good Hunting.

J. K. Finegan
P. O. Box 420069
Del Rio, Texas 78842-0069